Sponsorship plays a vital role in the development and exposure of Abu Dhabi to an international audience. The effectiveness of sponsorship differs depending on the level of market maturity. ​

A ‘sponsorship’ initiative should ideally do the following for TCA Abu Dhabi:

  • Generate exposure for Abu Dhabi and increase awareness
  • Enhance Abu Dhabi’s international profile and reputation
  • Promote international goodwill and understanding
  • Boost economic diversification and growth
  • Stimulate private sector business
  • Motivate and inspire the community

TCA Abu Dhabi has taken a proactive approach to attract world class events and encourage promoters from around the world to consider Abu Dhabi to stage their next event. The strategy is based on procuring the right events through sponsorship that provide the necessary ingredients and benefits to enhance the economic impact, destination awareness, media value and sustainability of Abu Dhabi.​

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Screening and selection of the appropriate event or sponsorship for TCA Abu Dhabi requires a detailed submission of all host / sponsorship rights and benefits. These benefits should fall in line with TCA Abu Dhabi’s vision, mission, values and objectives.


In order to submit your sponsorship request please complete the form below. You will be able to submit a full proposal towards the end of the form and add comments along the way. Complete one sponsorship request for each type of package offered (i.e Destination Partner, Title / Headline Sponsor, Associate Sponsor, Secondary Sponsor etc.) Please answer all questions and ensure you include a budget and / or rights fee for your event / sponsorship request. All information will be treated confidentially.


TCA Abu Dhabi will not support the following:

  • Properties that do not fall in line with TCA Abu Dhabi vision, mission, values, objectives and sponsorship policy
  • Multi-sponsor properties with other tourism authorities involved
  • Properties that could potentially create a reputational risk
  • Properties that contradict our environmental and ethical policies

Thank you for considering TCA Abu Dhabi as a potential partner.​

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